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The 4x3 Keypad Module is a compact and user-friendly input device that allows users to input data or commands using a 4x3 matrix of buttons. It features a standard layout with numeric buttons and additional functional buttons. The module utilizes a simple digital interface, making it compatible with microcontrollers like Arduino. With its small size and easy integration, it is ideal for projects requiring user input, such as calculator interfaces, access control systems, or menu selection.

      4-3 Keypad Module

      SKU: 157
      ₹100.00 Regular Price
      ₹65.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Button Matrix: 4x3 (12 buttons)
        • Operating Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
        • Interface: Digital (requires only a few GPIO pins)
        • Button Lifetime: >1 million presses
        • Dimensions: Compact size for easy integration


        • Identify the pins or contacts on the keypad module, typically labeled as ROW and COLUMN.
        • Connect the ROW pins of the keypad to digital input pins of the microcontroller.
        • Connect the COLUMN pins of the keypad to digital output pins of the microcontroller.
        • Ensure the power supply for the keypad module is within the specified voltage range.
        • Write a program on the microcontroller to read the keypad inputs using the assigned digital pins.
        • Configure the microcontroller's internal pull-up resistors for the COLUMN pins if necessary.
        • Use the keypad module to input data or commands as required by your project.
        • Implement the necessary logic in your program to interpret and respond to the keypad inputs.
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