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The DC to DC Step-Up Shock Sensor 20 kV is a specialized module designed to generate high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage DC input. With its high voltage output of 20 kV, it is commonly used in applications such as electrostatic discharge testing, scientific experiments, or high-voltage power supplies. The module features efficient voltage conversion, compact size, and built-in safety mechanisms to protect against excessive voltage levels and current surges.

      DC to DC step up shock sensor 20 kV

      SKU: 150
      ₹400.00 Regular Price
      ₹300.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Input Voltage Range: DC 3V to 6V
        • Output Voltage: DC 20 kV (approximate)
        • Conversion Efficiency: Up to 85%
        • Maximum Output Current: Limited by design (typically low current)
        • Dimensions: Compact size designed for easy integration into systems


        • Ensure that the input voltage matches the specified range (DC 3V to 6V).
        • Connect the positive (+) terminal of your DC power source to the VIN+ or IN+ terminal of the module.
        • Connect the negative (-) terminal of your DC power source to the VIN- or GND terminal of the module.
        • Confirm proper wiring and connections for a secure power supply.
        • Apply the desired low-voltage DC input to the module.
        • Take appropriate safety precautions when working with high-voltage outputs.
        • Connect the high-voltage output terminal to your application or system, following the necessary safety guidelines and precautions.
        • Ensure that the output voltage remains within the expected range (approx. 20 kV) and does not exceed the specified limits.
        • Monitor the functionality of your application or system to verify that it operates correctly with the generated high-voltage pulses.
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