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The ESP-01 ESP8266 Serial WiFi Wireless Transceiver Module is a compact and cost-effective module that provides Wi-Fi connectivity for microcontroller-based projects. It is based on the ESP8266 chip, which integrates a microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. The ESP-01 module features a small form factor and low power consumption, making it ideal for applications where space and power efficiency are important factors.

      ESP 01 8266 Serial WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module

      SKU: 184
      ₹260.00 Regular Price
      ₹160.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Microcontroller: ESP8266
        • Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11 b/g/n
        • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
        • Flash Memory: 1MB
        • GPIO Pins: 2
        • UART Interface: Serial communication
        • Dimensions: Approximately 24.8mm x 14.3mm


        • Gather the necessary components: ESP-01 ESP8266 Serial WiFi Wireless Transceiver Module, USB-to-TTL converter, jumper wires, and a computer.
        • Make sure your computer is powered on but the ESP-01 module is not connected yet.
        • Take the USB-to-TTL converter and identify the necessary pin connections:
          • VCC: Connect to 3.3V power supply.
          • GND: Connect to the ground.
          • TX: Connect to the RX pin of the ESP-01 module.
          • RX: Connect to the TX pin of the ESP-01 module.
        • Connect the jumper wires to the appropriate pins on the USB-to-TTL converter.
        • Carefully align the pins of the ESP-01 module with the jumper wires, ensuring the correct orientation.
        • Gently press the ESP-01 module onto the jumper wires to establish a connection.
        • Connect the USB-to-TTL converter to your computer via a USB port.
        • Open a terminal emulator program on your computer, such as Arduino IDE's Serial Monitor or PuTTY.
        • Configure the terminal emulator program with the following settings:
          • Baud rate: 115200
          • Data bits: 8
          • Parity: None
          • Stop bits: 1
          • Flow control: None
        • Connect the USB-to-TTL converter to the ESP-01 module:
        • Connect the VCC pin to the 3.3V power supply.
        • Connect the GND pin to the ground.
        • Connect the TX pin to the RX pin of the ESP-01 module.
        • Connect the RX pin to the TX pin of the ESP-01 module.
        • Once all the connections are made, apply power to the ESP-01 module.
        • Open the terminal emulator program and you should see the ESP-01 module output on the screen.
        • You can now send commands and communicate with the ESP-01 module via the terminal emulator program.
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