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The Eye Blink Sensor With Glass is a specialized sensor designed to detect and monitor eye blinks. It consists of a sensor module and a pair of glass frames equipped with electrodes. The sensor accurately detects eye blinks, making it suitable for applications in healthcare, research, and human-computer interaction.

      Eye Blink Sensor With Glass

      SKU: 175
      ₹400.00 Regular Price
      ₹250.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Operating Voltage: 3.3V - 5VDetection Method: Electrooculography (EOG)Output: Digital signal (High/Low)Sensitivity: AdjustableResponse Time: <10 msDimensions: Sensor Module - 15mm x 10mm, Glass Frames - Standard sizeC
        • Dimensions: 32mm x 26mm


        • Connect the VCC pin of the sensor module to the power supply's positive terminal (3.3V - 5V).
        • Connect the GND pin of the module to the power supply's ground terminal.
        • Connect the digital output pin of the module to a digital input pin on your microcontroller or development board.
        • Provide power to your microcontroller or development board.
        • Write code in your microcontroller to read the digital output signal from the sensor module.
        • Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor module as per your requirements using the onboard potentiometer.
        • Attach the glass frames to the sensor module, ensuring that the electrodes make contact with the skin around the eyes.
        • Position the glasses comfortably on the user's face.
        • Make sure the sensor module is securely connected to the glasses and positioned correctly.
        • Use your code to monitor the digital output of the sensor module for eye blinks.
        • Implement appropriate logic or actions based on the detected eye blinks in your application.
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