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The Force Sensor (39.1 mm) is a versatile and sensitive device used for measuring applied force or pressure. With a diameter of 39.1 mm, it provides a large sensing area for accurate force detection. The sensor operates on the principle of resistance changes in response to applied force. It is commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, medical devices, and research applications. Its compact design, high sensitivity, and durability make it suitable for a wide range of force sensing requirements.

      Force Sensor 39.1 mm

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      • Specifications 

        • Diameter: 39.1 mm
        • Sensing Area: Large circular sensing area for force application
        • Sensitivity: High sensitivity to detect small force variations
        • Resistance Range: Specific resistance range, typically in ohms
        • Response Time: Fast response time for real-time force measurement
        • Dimensions: Varies depending on the model


        • Power Supply: Connect the VCC pin of the sensor to the positive supply voltage (typically 3.3V to 5V) of your microcontroller or development board.
        • Ground: Connect the GND pin of the sensor to the ground (0V) of your system.
        • Signal Output: Connect the signal output pin of the sensor to an analog input pin of your microcontroller or ADC module.
        • Pull-down Resistor (Optional): If required, connect a pull-down resistor between the signal output pin and ground to ensure proper voltage levels when the sensor is not pressed.
        • Calibration: Calibrate the sensor based on the expected force range and desired sensitivity. This may involve mapping the sensor readings to known force values.
        • Read Sensor Data: In your microcontroller code, read the analog input from the sensor to obtain force or pressure values.
        • Interpretation: Convert the analog reading to meaningful force values using the calibration data.
        • Action or Display: Utilize the force data to trigger actions, control devices, or display force-related information.
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