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The Hi-Link Mini Power Module is a compact and efficient power supply module that provides a regulated 5V output at a maximum current of 1A. It is designed for applications requiring a stable and reliable power source, such as small electronics projects, microcontrollers, and sensors. The module features high efficiency, low power consumption, and built-in protection circuits for overcurrent and short circuit prevention. With its small form factor and easy connectivity, it is an ideal choice for powering various low-power devices.

      Hi link Mini Power Module 5V/1A

      SKU: 154
      ₹430.00 Regular Price
      ₹350.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Input Voltage: AC 85V to 265V or DC 110V to 370V
        • Output Voltage: 5V DC
        • Output Current: Up to 1A
        • Efficiency: >80%
        • Ripple and Noise: ≤50mVp-p
        • Load Regulation: ±0.5%
        • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
        • Dimensions: Compact size for easy integration


        • Identify the input and output terminals of the module.
        • Connect the AC or DC power source to the input terminals, ensuring the correct polarity.
        • Connect the output terminals of the module to the device or circuit requiring a 5V power supply.
        • Ensure proper wiring and connections for a reliable power supply setup.
        • Observe the power indicator LED on the module to confirm the power supply is active.
        • Confirm that the output voltage is stable and within the desired range using a multimeter if necessary.
        • Monitor the device or circuit powered by the module to ensure proper operation.
        • Disconnect the power source and remove any load connected to the output terminals when not in use.
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