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The Joystick Module is an Arduino-compatible sensor that allows users to control movement in two axes (X and Y) using a joystick. It also has a built-in button for additional input. The module provides analog output signals proportional to the joystick's position, making it ideal for controlling robotics, gaming consoles, and other interactive projects. With its Arduino compatibility, it offers a convenient way to integrate precise control inputs into Arduino-based systems.

      Joystick Module

      SKU: 123
      ₹110.00 Regular Price
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      • Specification

        • Operating Voltage: Typically operates at 5V DC
        • Analog Output: Two analog outputs for X-axis and Y-axis position
        • Digital Output: One digital output for the button state
        • Dimensions: Varies depending on the module


        • Power Supply: Connect the VCC pin of the module to the 5V pin of the Arduino board.
        • Ground: Connect the GND pin of the module to the ground (GND) pin of the Arduino board.
        • Analog Inputs: Connect the X-axis and Y-axis output pins of the module to the desired analog input pins of the Arduino board.
        • Digital Input: Connect the button output pin of the module to a digital input pin of the Arduino board.
        • Coding: Write the Arduino code to read the analog joystick position values and the digital button state.
        • Data Interpretation: Process the sensor data in your Arduino code to interpret the joystick position and button state.
        • Control Logic: Utilize the obtained joystick data to control motors, servos, or other components in your project based on specific thresholds or conditions.
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