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The LED Traffic Lights Signal Module is an electronic module that replicates the functionality of traffic signal lights. It consists of multiple LED lamps arranged in a configuration that mimics the standard traffic light signal sequence: red, yellow, and green. The module is commonly used in traffic management systems, road safety projects, and model traffic simulations. It provides clear and visible indication of traffic light states, allowing for effective control and signaling in various applications.

      LED Traffic Lights Signal Module

      SKU: 132
      ₹80.00 Regular Price
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      • Specification

        • LED Colors: Typically red, yellow, and green
        • Operating Voltage: Typically 5V DC
        • Dimensions: Varies depending on the module
        • LED Viewing Angles: Wide viewing angles for visibility from multiple directions
        • Weather Resistance: Some modules may be designed to withstand outdoor conditions


        • Power Supply: Connect the VCC pin of the module to the 5V pin of the microcontroller or power supply.
        • Ground: Connect the GND pin of the module to the ground (GND) pin of the microcontroller or power supply.
        • LED Outputs: Connect the respective LED pins (red, yellow, and green) of the module to suitable current-limiting resistors and the digital output pins of the microcontroller or Arduino board.
        • Current-Limiting Resistors: To ensure proper LED operation, connect a resistor in series with each LED, based on the LED's forward voltage and desired current.
        • Coding: Write the microcontroller or Arduino code to control the digital output pins and sequence the LED states according to the desired traffic light pattern.
        • Testing: Power up the module and observe the LED signals to verify the correct traffic light sequence.
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