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TThe TCS3200-based color sensor module is a compact and versatile sensor designed for color detection and analysis. It features a TCS3200 color sensor chip that can detect a wide range of colors accurately. The module is equipped with RGB color filters and a white LED for illumination. With its high sensitivity and fast response time, it is commonly used in color sorting machines, color recognition systems, and other applications that require precise color detection.

      TCS3200 Based Color Sensor Module

      SKU: 164
      ₹800.00 Regular Price
      ₹650.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Operating voltage: 3.3V - 5V
        • Detection range: 400nm - 700nm
        • Color filters: Red, Green, Blue, and Clear
        • Output frequency: 2Hz - 500kHz
        • Compact and easy-to-use design


        • Connect the VCC pin of the color sensor module to the power supply (3.3V - 5V).
        • Connect the GND pin of the module to the ground of the power supply.
        • Identify the S0, S1, S2, and S3 pins on the module.
        • Set the desired frequency scaling by connecting the S0 and S1 pins accordingly.
        • Set the color filter mode by connecting the S2 and S3 pins accordingly.
        • Connect the OUT pin of the module to the input pin of your microcontroller or Arduino board.
        • Use appropriate programming libraries or code to read the frequency output and interpret the detected colors.
        • Implement the desired functionality based on the color data received from the module.
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