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The USB Step-Up 0.9V - 5V module is a compact and versatile power converter designed to boost low input voltages, such as those from a single-cell lithium battery, to a regulated 5V output suitable for powering USB devices. It features a wide input voltage range and efficient conversion, making it ideal for portable electronics projects. The module is commonly used with power banks or battery packs to provide a stable and reliable 5V power supply for charging or operating USB-powered devices.

      Usb Step Up 0.9V - 5V (Single USB Power Bank Module)

      SKU: 148
      ₹80.00 Regular Price
      ₹50.00Sale Price
      • Specification

        • Input Voltage Range: 0.9V - 5V DC
        • Output Voltage: 5V DC (regulated)
        • Conversion Efficiency: Up to 90%
        • Maximum Output Current: Typically 500mA (with proper heat dissipation)
        • Dimensions: Compact size designed to fit within USB power bank enclosures


        • Identify the input voltage range of your power source (e.g., single-cell lithium battery).
        • Connect the positive (+) terminal of your power source to the IN+ or VIN+ terminal of the module.
        • Connect the negative (-) terminal of your power source to the IN- or GND terminal of the module.
        • Connect the USB output of the module to the USB port of your device requiring 5V power.
        • Ensure proper wiring and connections for a secure and reliable power supply.
        • Confirm that the input voltage is within the acceptable range (0.9V - 5V).
        • Verify the output voltage at the USB port is stable and regulated at 5V.
        • Connect your USB-powered device to the module's USB output and verify that it receives the expected 5V power supply.
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