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The Voltage Sensor ZMPT101B is a reliable and accurate voltage sensing module that allows you to measure AC voltage levels in the range of 0 to 250 volts. It provides a convenient way to monitor and measure voltage in various electrical systems and applications. The module features a compact design and is easy to integrate into your projects.

      Voltage Sensor ZMPT101B

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      • Specification

        • Input Voltage: 0-250V AC
        • Output Voltage: 0-5V DC
        • Voltage Sensing Principle: Transformer-based
        • Load Resistance: 10k ohms
        • Accuracy: ±0.5%
        • Frequency Range: 45-65Hz
        • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
        • Dimensions: 29mm x 25mm x 20mm


        • Identify the AC voltage source that you want to measure.
        • Connect one end of the ZMPT101B module to the AC voltage source you wish to measure.
        • Connect the GND (ground) terminal of the module to the common ground of your system.
        • Connect the VCC terminal of the module to a 5V power supply.
        • Connect the VOUT (output) terminal of the module to the analog input pin of your microcontroller or measurement device.
        • Make sure to properly insulate and secure all connections to ensure safety.
        • Write code in your microcontroller to read the analog voltage from the VOUT pin and convert it to the corresponding AC voltage value.
        • Calibrate the voltage sensor if necessary using a known AC voltage source and adjusting the scaling factor in your code.
        • Use the measured voltage value in your application or display it on an LCD or other output device as required.
        • Ensure proper grounding and isolation to avoid any electrical hazards.
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