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The Water Level Float Switch Sensor is a device used to detect the presence or absence of liquid and monitor water levels in tanks or other containers. It consists of a float that moves up and down based on the liquid level, triggering the switch mechanism. This sensor is commonly used in water management systems, industrial applications, and home automation. Its simple design, reliability, and versatility make it an essential component for liquid level sensing and control.

      Water Level Float Switch Sensor

      SKU: 113
      ₹170.00 Regular Price
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      • Specifications 

        • Material: Typically made of durable plastic or stainless steel
        • Float Type: Buoyant float that moves with liquid level changes
        • Switch Type: Usually a mechanical switch (reed switch) or solid-state switch (microswitch)
        • Contact Rating: Maximum voltage and current rating for the switch contacts
        • Cable Length: Length of the connecting cable attached to the sensor
        • Dimensions: Varies depending on the model


        • Mounting: Position the float switch at the desired location in the tank or container, ensuring proper submersion and free movement of the float.
        • Cable Connection: Connect the wires from the float switch cable to the appropriate terminals or connector on your control system or relay module.
        • Power Supply: Connect the power supply to the control system or relay module (if required) to provide power for the switch operation.
        • Output Connection: Connect the switch output (normally open or normally closed) to the desired input or control circuit of your application.
        • Calibration (if applicable): Adjust the position of the float or switch mechanism to set the desired liquid level thresholds.
        • Testing: Fill or drain the tank to test the switch operation and ensure it triggers at the desired liquid levels.
        • Integration: Utilize the switch output to control pumps, valves, alarms, or other devices based on the detected liquid levels.
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